Fouman Faculty Of Engineering Introduction

Fouman Faculty Of Engineering, with an area of ​​seven hectares and 10,000 square meters of infrastructure, was dedicated to the Campus of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Tehran in 2005 by the efforts of Mr. Seyed Abbas Mousavi-Rahpeyma, a graduate of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering, University of Tehran.

The construction of this educational-university unit was completed in 2009 and it was officially handed over to the University of Tehran in the summer of the same year.  And since October 2009, by accepting 58 students in two fields of chemical engineering and industrial engineering, it started its educational activities.

The faculty has two office building of 5,500 square meters on two floors including It includes the office building, classrooms, library, labs, computer center, amphitheater, gymnasium and the other departments.

This Faculty admits students at B.Sc. (in Chemical, Industrial, Computer and petroleum Engineering) and M.Sc. levels (in MBA, Chemical and Industrial Engineering).