• Biography

    Dear Iran, still has educated and hardworking people on its lap who are proud of their homeland. How many men, who have walked the alleys of science and knowledge for many years, have accumulated a wealth of experience and used this precious reserve to serve the homeland and the dynamism of Iran's industry and knowledge.

    Engineer Seyed Abbas Mousavi-Rahpeyma is one of the successful producers who managed to produce oil products such as motor oil and grease in Iran before the revolution. At that time, with the sale of oil, the country was moving towards consumerism and production was not much supported, but this young man from Fouman city, using his academic experience, set out on a difficult path and with hard work, he continues and He has expanded his production to this day, at the age of seventy.

    Mr. Mousavi started his production work in a small workshop and after many years, his efforts turned that small workshop into one of the largest industrial complexes called "Fouman Shimi Industrial Group". Today, Fouman Shimi brake fluid, Caspian antifreeze, Caspian engine oil and tar and snake insecticides and grease are the main branches of Fouman Shimi products. Mr. Abbas Mousavi, with his great efforts, has created various oil production activities and has taken the oil products industry out of the fence of dependence more than before. Apart from the economic and industrial success of Fouman Shimi, one of Mr. Mousavi's most important tasks is to create job opportunities for the educated and working class. He is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country, whose existence makes us all proud.


  • Successes

    - Receiving a plaque of appreciation and gratitude as the General Manager of Chemical and Cellulose Industries in 1990

    - Receiving participation and memorial plaque from the Iranian Institute of Standards and Industrial Research in 1993

    - Receiving participation and memorial plaque from the Iranian Institute of Standards and Industrial Research in 1994

    - Selection of Fouman Shimi Company as the top company in the Festival of Iranian Industrialists in 2003

    - Exemplary exporter of the country in 2003

    - Exemplary Entrepreneur of Guilan Province in 1982, 1985, 1986, 2010

    - Exemplary exporter of the province in 2004

    - Receiving a plaque of appreciation from the best and most diligent company to carry out construction work for the development and economic prosperity of the country (Iran's Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines) in 2005

    - Receiving a commendation plaque for the construction and operation of industrial sample units in 2005

    - The sample production unit of the country in 2005

    - Selection as a prominent engineer in the field of chemistry from the Academy of Sciences in 2006

    - Receiving a plaque of appreciation and gratitude as a model industrial pioneer in the years 85, 86, 1389

    - Receiving a certificate of appreciation from the Conference of Quality Managers in 2006

    - Receiving a plaque of appreciation and gratitude as a pioneer of economic activities in 2006

    - Receiving a certificate of appreciation from the Association of Industrial Managers in 2010

  • Founded Companies

    - Fouman Shimi Company (established in 1976, activity: manufacturer of oil lubricants, brake fluid, engine oil, gear oil, grease, antifreeze - all kinds of insecticides and beetles (tar and snake), all kinds of home sprays, body sprays and oxygen sprays for personal use)

    - Gostaresh Gostaresh Co. (established in 1997, activity: production of spray cans and supplies)

    - Padineh Company (established in 1999, activity: production of spray milk and liquid soap pump, etc.)

    - Daqiq Shimi Chemical Company (established in 1998, activity: production of Caspian industrial and household adhesives)

    - Fuman Part Company (established in 2008, activity: manufacturer of various types of car catalytic converters)

    - Caspian Oil Company (established in 2005, activity: base oil producer)

    - Fooman Technical College (established in 2004, activity: Campus of Technical Faculties, University of Tehran)

    - Fooman Food Industries Company (established in 2006 Activity: Fumanat Tea Manufacturer)

    - Iran Grace Company (established in 1343, activity: producer of grease and vascazin oil, etc.)

    - Iran Kanoon Company (established in 1976, activity: importer and distributor of chemicals)

    - Caspian Distribution Company (established in 2002, activity: distribution of domestic and imported products)


Construction Of Fouman Faculty

سردردانشکده فنی فومن


Fouman Faculty, with an area of ​​seven hectares and ​​10,000 square meters, was donated by Mr. Mousavi Rahpeyma to the campus of the University of Tehran.

The faculty has started its educational activities since September 2009 and currently has about 417 students studying in four fields of chemical engineering, petroleum engineering, industrial engineering, and computer engineering in two bachelor's and master's degrees. The faculty has equipped classrooms, an information center, a library, self-service, and laboratories to provide services to students. The natural green space of this faculty is one of its unique features.