Finance and Administrative Affairs

Financial Affairs

The most important work done in financial affairs of Fouman Faculty are:

  • Banking
  • Preparing manual lists related to payments made and adjusting the insurance list of contract employees and certain contracts and performing insurance affairs
  • All work related to liabilities and credits
  • Works related to receipts and payments as well as setting all related documents
  • Preparing and arranging educational income lists and following up on receiving income
  • Holding limited tenders
  • Preparation and adjustment of bank statement of independent accounts for each month and financial report on the amount of budget and expenses.

At present, Ms. Maryam Pourebrahimi is in charge of the financial affairs of Fouman Faculty, and the operational affairs are also under the supervision of accounting. Mr. Rashid Molaei is in charge of the faculty operational affairs.

Administrative Affairs

The administrative unit oversees personnel (recruitment), attendance system, leave, mission, overtime, welfare and publishing, and the support unit monitors the faculty's facilities, services, telecommunications and green space units.

Welfare Affairs also includes loans, health care, pilgrimage and tourism planning.

Mr. Seyed Afzal Hosseini is in charge of this unit.